Savvy Summer: Carly’s Beach Bag DIY

Heading to the beach this weekend? DIY blogger, Carly, from Chic Steals has the perfect carryall for a #savvysummer.

When the temperature’s rising, sometimes you just want to peel off layers, wear as a little as possible, and go airy and light with all of your accessories. With this handmade net bag, you can head from the grocery to the beach to a day of casual shopping with ease. It’s made with macrame 2.0, and it’s as easy as making knots. Here’s how:

You Need**:

XL Men’s T-shirt in your favorite color  /  scissors or rotary cutter  /  cutting mat or large piece of cardboard and ruler  /   needle and thread  /  3 yards of cord for the handles  /  clothespins or clips  /  lighter

How To:

1. Lay the shirt flat and cut 1″ wide strips of fabric from side to side, going through the front and back and all the way up to the arms. This will create fabric loops.



2. Stretch the fabric loops out so the fabric curls in on itself.



3. Cut the loops at one end so they become fabric strips.



4. Attach the fabric strips to the top of your cutting mat or cardboard piece with clothespins, folding the strips’ edges under about 1.5″.



5. Start knotting every two strips together, using a double knot, about 1″ down from the clips.



6. Knot the next row across, 1″ below the first, by knotting together alternate strips to create a mesh pattern.



7. Continue in this way down the length of the fabric strips.



8. When you’re done with the knots, fold the bag over onto itself, matching the knots at the edges.



9. Hand-sew the edges together at the knots to create a bag.



10. Cut your cording in half, and knot each end loosely.



11. Place the cords at the top of the bag, pointing opposite directions, and overlapping the ends. Each loop of each cord needs to sit at the edge of the bag. This will create the drawstrings to close the bag.



12. Use the clothespins to clip the ends of the fabric strips over both cords in groups of 2.



13. Hand-sew the fabric strips together (without sewing through the cords) to create a casing for the drawstring cords to pull through.



14. Cut the excess fabric strips.



15. Knot the cording closer the to the length you want, cut, and heat-seal the ends.



You’re done!  A cute, one-of-a-kind mesh net bag perfect for Summer. Slightly reminiscent of a basketball hoop, it’s colorful and fun – and is super-stretchy to hold tons of essentials. Just use an inner bag or pouch for your small items so they don’t fall out!




**Optional: If you’re worried about things falling out of the net, you can always make a contrasting lining for the bag with a simple folded-over rectangle of fabric. For supplies, you would also need (pictured): colored fabric, matching thread, a hammer, and some grommets. The hammer and grommets are if you want to attach the top of the lining to the outside of the bag and thread the cord through the lining; if you just want to leave the lining loose inside the net then no need.

Happy DIY’ing!



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